Key Healthcare Engagements


Bioinformatics IT Lab Management

  • Helping you to set up/upgrade your Bio-informatics IT lab  
  • Full services ownership for setting up an IT enabled bio-informatics lab
  • Technical support in the set up/upgrade powered by GCP/Azure Genomics platform
  • Supporting in your code development efforts in your R&D experiments
  • Skills training for your research team members on technologies such as R/BioConductor, Python, Azure ML, Google BigQuery, etc.

Data Mining in Genomics

  • Powered by BioConductor/UGENE
  • Data Mining in genomics/proteomics using R+Bioconductor/ UGENE platforms 
  • Technical Support in e-2-e data management of your genomics data
  • Technical Support to handle DNA sequence reads, reference-based alignments, and variant calls (using Google Genomics API)
Refer our Case Studies section to download the case study on 
"Developing a Risk Profile Analyzer from your Genes data

Clinical Data Management on cloud

  • Set up and run your CDM process on cloud
  • Full service ownership for setting up your CDM process on cloud powered by OpenClinica 
  • Data Quality Management support for electronic case report form (e-CRFs) - Database Build & Design, Data validation specifications, Edit checks Programming & Testing
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements and CDISC standards  

EMR/EHR Support Service

  • Integrating your Electronic Medical/Healthcare Systems with BI on cloud
  • Full service end-to-end EMR/EHR implementation services
  • Powered by BI on cloud to support competitiveness and sustainability
  • Setting up OpenEMR platform for e-storage of records as per HIPPA compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing on HIPPA and other GRC services for your 3rd party EMR/EHR platforms