Key Financial Services Engagements
Contracts Data Mining (CDM)
We have designed a data mining solution called “Contracts Data Mining (CDM)” – which helps in data mining on contract documents and enables 4-way matching (complementing "audits of the future").


CDM facilitates the Contract-Invoice Reconciliation and hence avoids Revenue Leakage due to consideration of wrong contract information such as price, validity period etc. Our solution helps to identify outliers in the P2P as well as O2C process. We call it a 4P matching process for audits (internal/external) i.e. Contracts (extracted insights), POs, Invoices and GRNs/Material Receipts. The CDM solution 

  • Extracts data from PDFs/Images by proprietary IT solution from contract documents using commercially available/open source OCRs. 
  • Automates the process of reconciliation of Invoices & Contracts using statistical models.
  • Enables rich visualization of outcome for better decision making
Refer our Case Studies section to download the case study on 
"Reduce your revenue leakage using Data Mining of Contract Documents with Invoices
Financial Forecasting Analyzer (FRA)
We have developed a “Financial Forecasting Analyzer (FRA)”  to provide
real-time dynamic dashboards to the board and management to understand financial stability and the growth path of their organizations.

image-30256-DrillNet.JPGFRA solution enables the following - 
  • Derive Insights by linking your P/L and B/S
  • Data Mining from Financial Statements – What-If Simulation from Clustering, Classification and Regression to help auditors and budget allocation teams, P/L owners, etc.
  • A/R, A/P and Spend Analytics
  • Financial Dashboard/Cockpit from Financial Statements  – for Financial Ratios, etc.
  • Financial Data Visualization – for Financial Ratios, Cash Blow, Trend Charts, etc
Our FRA helps your CFO team to respond to these queries - 
  1. Can you compare the financial ratios and investigate the trends?
  2. Can you forecast your balance sheet drivers in real-time?
  3. Can you quickly develop a Pro forma balance sheet?
  4. Can you perform asset projects and funds requirements? 
  5. Are you ready for internal or external audits at any instant?
Blockchain Analytics as a Service (BAaaS)
 We have designed and developed  "Blockchain Analytics as a Service (BAaaS)"  to meet the growing demand for an integrated platform that provides a convenient way to follow and trace blockchain transactions (like networks audit analysis) across various business functions especially in trade finance. We have demonstrated a Blockchain Analytics as a Service (BAaaS) POC using IBM Hyperledger Platform for Oil Trading operations. This was done for the Trade Finance function where we used different IBM services   - IBM Watson IoT, IBM Hyperledger, IBM Streaming Services and IBM Data Experience (DSx). Our BAaaS solution  
  • Supports multiple blockchain platforms
  • Provides an enterprise level of analytics stack which can integrate with multiple blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3, etc. 
  • Supports real-time analysis of encrypted transactions for non-compliance, fraud, contractual exceptions, urgent escalations to contractual parties involved, etc. 
  • Available on 100% open source stack as well as on IBM stack
  • Handles Real-time data streams 
Key Blockchain Engagements
Adopting Blockchain as a BPM Strategy
Refer our Case Studies section to download a Strategic Presentation on "Blockchain as a Digital Process Automation Strategy